Thursday, December 04, 2008

Advent - It's Time

Advent is upon us already, and I am already being asked about Christmas songs for church. Why do we rush through Advent? Is it simply because we haven't taken the time to really learn what this season is all about?

For me Advent is a time to simply remember the story. Remember the story of a mighty king who humbled himself enough to be a helpless infant. It is the story of a love so powerful that time and space could not contain it.

It is also a story of that same love that continues to shine through in the world. It is that awesome wonder that we feel when we see our child being born or in the joy of friends and family. It is that moment of fellowship that is so powerful and touching that it brings tears to our eyes. It could be in a piece of art that catches your eye. It could be a beautiful song.

It is also a story of a love that will never die. It is a love of a God who has not left us and will come back again.

Advent is a wonderful time. Let's not rush through it.

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