Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All the pieces fit

2 Sundays ago, I turned off my television and wondered where it all went wrong. How did a team that had all things going in their favor had played so badly. A promising season was ended it appeared. Yes the Eagles still had a chance, only a few things had to break their way.

The Houston Texans had to beat the Bears or the Giants, who had nothing to play for , had to beat the Vikings. The Bears and the Vikings were both playing for their playoff lives. Then if that broke right then the Tampa Bay Bucs who were also playing for their playoff life had to lose to the Oakland Raiders in a game scheduled for Tampa.

All year we had heard how teams from the West Coast travelling East and playing at 1 PM simply stunk up the joint. In addition, this was no normal West Coast Team. This was the Oakland Raiders and it wasn't your daddy's Oakland Raiders. This was not Ken Stabler and Marv Hubbard, and Cliff Branch. This was JaMarcus Russell, Michael Bush, and Chaz Schilens.

So imagine my surprise when the Texans won and then in a stunner the Raiders overcame a 10 point deficit to somehow beat the Bucs. So now only piece of the puzzle was left. We needed the Eagles to beat the Cowboys.

I guess after the year in sports it has been for Philly teams, I should not have been surprised. But after almost screaming myself hoarse for 3 hours, I sat there Sunday night stunned at what had happened. They were in! Hope was alive still and again.

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greg. said...

congrats on the trip to the postseason. i'd love to see a turnpike super bowl. go steelers!