Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Father Brian Forgive me

I have sinned, it has been several victories since my last confession. Just when you're out they pull you right back in. Right around that awful tie against the Bengals I assumed that the season was over. If I wasn't convinced then the debacle against the Ravens convinced me. Yet here we are a couple of big wins later and the Eagles are in a great position.

They are in a position to ALMOST control their own destiny. IF we get a little help from the Falcons, and I believe they will be so kind, then we just need to win out.

So with Westbrook and McNabb starting to play like I thought they would all year and the defense stepping up, we might just end up being one of those scary teams you simply don't want to meet in the playoffs.

So Father Brian, for these and all the other sins that I have forgotten, please forgive me.

My penance is to do an Eagles chant? No problem


greg. said...

i know you beat the pants off of us earlier this year, but i'm still looking for a turnpike superbowl!

Wade said...

Let me start out with a simple and easy response that cannot be misconstrued...


Having said that, I now must turn my attention to Greg's response. The critical problem with a turnpike superbowl is the fact that it would mean the JETS are not there, and that is just unacceptable.

We paid HOW MUCH to get Favre???

It better be worth it!!!!!