Sunday, January 11, 2009

It can be frustrating

being an Eagles fan at times and especially a Donovan McNabb fan. However, when it is game time you put all that aside and just watch the team go.

Sunday was just the type of game that I thought it would be, a mean nasty NFC East type of game. It was a game that included lots of hitting and lots of frustration and lots of excitement.

In the end it was a game that saw the Eagles defense rising to the occasion and putting a fright into Eli. He knew they were coming so never really allowed himself time to get set. It was a game that saw Donovan continue his remarkable play. He looks good in the pocket and has regained a little of that "escapability" that makes him so dangerous on third down.

So we are off to the fifth conference championship game in the last 10 years. How sweet is that!

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