Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Celebrating Failure

So here we are, about 116 or so from all around North America. The Methodist Connection has gathered here, the interesting thing to me is the actual location.

Yes this is the place where Charles and John Wesley came to America. This is the location where Charles pastored Christ Church as John went to be the secretary for Oglethorpe. this is all true. However, the information that needs to be stated clearly is that John and Charles were not successful here, not at all. In fact, by our standards today, they were miserable failures. So much so that John Wesley, the Icon of Methodism, snuck out under cover of darkness and made it to the ship where he soon sailed back home to England.

Yet, here we are. Talking about the power of the Holy Spirit. We are talking about sharing our faith story. We are talking about taking our Methodist movement back to our roots. Despite the fact that this could be the location of the Wesley's greatest failure, it just feels so right.

See because how we judge failure and success is not the point. The point is this is God's mission and this is God's ministry. The Good News is God's news and it is God's story. We will take these "failures" and "successes" and pray about them and seek out where God will have us go next.
The world needs to hear the story and we are hear this week to see what we can do as our part.

So celebrate the failure and celebrate the success knowing that God is handling it all and in the end we have VICTORY because of Jesus and his atoning sacrifice. Now that is a great story indeed.

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Glenn said...

It's great to talk about turning failures into successes. It's even greater when God/Jesus is put into the "mix." Thanks for putting these two together. In our small group tonight someone mentioned the first part without the second. Yours truly suggested adding God/Jesus to it and we had some good discussion. Enjoy your trip!