Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is this what I look like

You remember those places from when you were a kid. The fun house at the local carnival. you go through the halls and go into roomful of mirrors. In that room you see yourself in many different ways. You see a shorter, taller, thinner, fatter version of yourself.

Those mirrors distort your true image much like the world does. The world looks at you as if they are seeing you through only looking at one of those distorting mirrors. What the world sees is sometimes only superficial things and often what it does see is blown up and made caricature like.

Despite that, we still take our cues from what the world tells us is the truth about ourselves. We are too old/young/fat/skinny/dumb/pretty/ugly/smart/dumb/rich/poor. We spend so much time worries about what the world says about us that we forget what God says about us.

God tells us that we are made in the image of God. So when we look at ourselves we should see bits of God, but many times we don't. Today I talked about King David in church.

David was the youngest son of Jesse, he was a simple shepherd. His brothers seemingly saw no potential for greatness, nor did many of the people of Israel. Yet, God saw a King.

David could have listened to his neighbors or Goliath or his family but instead he listened to God.

Where the world saw an insignificant boy, God saw a great king.

So what does God see in you?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The perfect food

Since I was a little boy, peanut butter and jelly sandwich was my favorite food. To this day nothing else makes my mouth water quite like a well made peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For me the bread is important, I find regular Wonder white bread is perfect for the ultimate sandwich. This is the only type of sandwich that I will use Wonder white bread for. I usually use wheat or multi grain for other types of sandwiches.

The next step and the MOST IMPORTANT step for me is the peanut butter. There is really only one choice for me and that is JIF peanut butter. 99 percent of the time it is regular creamy, every once in awhile it will be crunchy. There is no debate on this issue, without JIF there will be no sandwich.

Finally it is time for the jelly. Traditionally it is Welch's grape jelly that I use. Sometimes I will use strawberry jelly or blueberry or something else that I may have around the house.

Those are the ingredients for my perfect food. Each one of these ingredients works together with the other ingredients to make the sandwich. Each ingredient can be eaten on its own but it is when they are used together that they go beyond the normal to the extraordinary.

Just like us. Each one of us is created by God and blessed with certain gifts. We are special on our own it is when we are together however that we go beyond the normal to the extraordinary. We become better together then we can ever be by ourselves.

Well, I gotta go. I am a bit hungry.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love Kids

For about two weeks, I listened to Kyle take every chance to tell us how much he did not want to go to South Seaville. He wanted no parts of Camp Meeting and did all he could to talk us into letting him stay home.

Well today as we were sitting down to eat dinner with about five or six other families tonight he said to us, "so camp is two weeks?". We told him that it was and we as asked if some of the kids that he was hanging out with came for all two weeks, he said "they ALL do". He then proceeded to tell us that we can drop him off next year for all two weeks.He wouldn't even look at us when he said it because he had the e may have the biggest smile on his face. He refused to admit that we were right and he would have a good time.

Well we drug him down here kicking and screaming and I assume that we will be bringing him home the same exact way.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Water

Today was a vacation day. Yet at about 10: 15,I found myself slipping on a robe and a stole and prepared to officiate at a Baptism.

It was a great day as I went up to the church of a friend and baptized young Olivia. Olivia is the child of former member of my previous church. is a sign

Every time I dip my hand into the font I get a chill. It is a simple act yet one that,among other things, makes a very powerful connection to the church throughout the centuries. Today as I baptized Olivia she became part of the universal church in a way that I did and Pope Benedict has and John Wesley did as well.

The water placed upon her head is no different in composition than the water used by John the Baptist.

Today my little friend Olivia was publicly welcomed into the family of God. What a great vacation day!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is Who I am

When David heard Goliath boasting and taunting the troops of Israel, he could not believe his ears. "How could this be", he probably thought, "how could this giant taunt the troops of the Living God?"

So David decided to do something about it, however he ran into opposition. Saul did not think he could handle the job, Goliath laughed t him. David directed powerful speeches to both men and basically told them, "THIS is who I am".

Who am I?

It is an age old question. David knew the answer for himself and was shocked and appalled that the Israelites did not. He could not understand how they could fear any man or beast, when God was on their side. Sound familiar? How many times do we allow our fears and our doubts to stand between us and where God wants us to be and away from what God wants us to be doing.

David's answer to these questions was" this is who I am, just a man but a man with God on my side...and that is more than enough!"

So today Lord, I say to you...this is who I am...take me and make me so much more.....