Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is this what I look like

You remember those places from when you were a kid. The fun house at the local carnival. you go through the halls and go into roomful of mirrors. In that room you see yourself in many different ways. You see a shorter, taller, thinner, fatter version of yourself.

Those mirrors distort your true image much like the world does. The world looks at you as if they are seeing you through only looking at one of those distorting mirrors. What the world sees is sometimes only superficial things and often what it does see is blown up and made caricature like.

Despite that, we still take our cues from what the world tells us is the truth about ourselves. We are too old/young/fat/skinny/dumb/pretty/ugly/smart/dumb/rich/poor. We spend so much time worries about what the world says about us that we forget what God says about us.

God tells us that we are made in the image of God. So when we look at ourselves we should see bits of God, but many times we don't. Today I talked about King David in church.

David was the youngest son of Jesse, he was a simple shepherd. His brothers seemingly saw no potential for greatness, nor did many of the people of Israel. Yet, God saw a King.

David could have listened to his neighbors or Goliath or his family but instead he listened to God.

Where the world saw an insignificant boy, God saw a great king.

So what does God see in you?

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Anonymous said...

Just found your site. I agree it is how God sees us that matters Great encouraging thought