Thursday, July 23, 2009

The perfect food

Since I was a little boy, peanut butter and jelly sandwich was my favorite food. To this day nothing else makes my mouth water quite like a well made peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For me the bread is important, I find regular Wonder white bread is perfect for the ultimate sandwich. This is the only type of sandwich that I will use Wonder white bread for. I usually use wheat or multi grain for other types of sandwiches.

The next step and the MOST IMPORTANT step for me is the peanut butter. There is really only one choice for me and that is JIF peanut butter. 99 percent of the time it is regular creamy, every once in awhile it will be crunchy. There is no debate on this issue, without JIF there will be no sandwich.

Finally it is time for the jelly. Traditionally it is Welch's grape jelly that I use. Sometimes I will use strawberry jelly or blueberry or something else that I may have around the house.

Those are the ingredients for my perfect food. Each one of these ingredients works together with the other ingredients to make the sandwich. Each ingredient can be eaten on its own but it is when they are used together that they go beyond the normal to the extraordinary.

Just like us. Each one of us is created by God and blessed with certain gifts. We are special on our own it is when we are together however that we go beyond the normal to the extraordinary. We become better together then we can ever be by ourselves.

Well, I gotta go. I am a bit hungry.


Anonymous said...

Now are you in the camp of putting the peanut butter on only one side or on both so the jelly doesn't leak theough the bread?

I like the "parable" though - great food for thought :)!

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

I am in the camp of...the more peanut butter the better.