Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is Who I am

When David heard Goliath boasting and taunting the troops of Israel, he could not believe his ears. "How could this be", he probably thought, "how could this giant taunt the troops of the Living God?"

So David decided to do something about it, however he ran into opposition. Saul did not think he could handle the job, Goliath laughed t him. David directed powerful speeches to both men and basically told them, "THIS is who I am".

Who am I?

It is an age old question. David knew the answer for himself and was shocked and appalled that the Israelites did not. He could not understand how they could fear any man or beast, when God was on their side. Sound familiar? How many times do we allow our fears and our doubts to stand between us and where God wants us to be and away from what God wants us to be doing.

David's answer to these questions was" this is who I am, just a man but a man with God on my side...and that is more than enough!"

So today Lord, I say to you...this is who I am...take me and make me so much more.....

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