Tuesday, February 02, 2010

In the Garden - Israel Day 2

This morning we found ourselves in the Garden of Gethsemane. I had been looking forward to this visit since the moment I knew we would be going to Israel. Every time that I read the scripture account in Matthew and Luke, I just am mesmerized by it.

Jesus knew that all roads to Jerusalem had led to this moment in time. The action was coming and Jesus was overwhelmed with thoughts an fears and questions.

How many times do we find ourselves in those same positions, faced with overwhelming odds or faced with some grief in our lives? How do we respond? I know my normal reaction more often than not has been less than "Jesus like".

At times my reaction is self pity or anger or resentment. I may look at my troubles and wonder why God would do this to me, after all "I try to be the best person that I can be". As I sat in the garden today and reread those scriptures I was once again struck by Jesus' reaction.

He at first asks God if there is anyway that this trouble could pass him by, if there was anyway for the plan to come together without Jesus having to go through the pan and agony to come. Yet, almost in the next breath, Jesus simply turns it over to God and says, "It's not about me...it is about your will and your plan". In other words..."Father I trust you...with you by my side I can do this."

Oh how I pray for that faith, how I pray for that desire to see God's will done. I have good intentions and I have faith...but so many times I don't turn it over to God. I do not let God be God. I decide that what the situation needs is my worry or my concern or my anger. Or perhaps I allow the fear to stand between me and the will of God.

I sat in the Garden today, perhaps just feet from where Jesus was, and sensed a need for change.
I know my way is not the answer. I know that it truly isn't about me and it is not about my ego or my desires. It is about God. I need to learn to live in that place of faith.

Being in Israel has help[ed give me a better perspective on life....It helps point out the lack of real significance on some things that I spend so much time worrying about. Tonight I am going to start something new. Tonight as I lay in bed praying, I will include a list of those things that I spend so much time worrying about. I will name them and then give them to God and I will continue to do that each night until I have truly given them to God.

Here I am Lord....Here I am....


Lynne Trallo said...

Just beautiful

greg. said...

sounds like you were really krumpin' it. nice work.