Thursday, February 04, 2010

Israel - Day Three of the tour

Yesterday we spent much of the day around or on the Sea of Galilee.
It was a fantastic time. As we got on the boat the rain started up. It was a bit windy. As we were on our away across the sea, we began to celebrate communion together. The wind made the water rough enough that it made it tough to conduct the communion for those that were consecrating the elements.

We took about an hour to get across the sea and during our trip the sun burst through the clouds for a little while before it became overcast again. We finally made our way across and then went to a restaurant for lunch that was righ on the water. As we ate the wind picked up and caused the water to be even more choppy then it had been before. Just as quickly that patch of weather passed over.

It brought the scripture story to life of the disciples on the boat and a storm rushing in as they became afraid. Each day as I "walk where Jesus walked", I get a better understanding of the scriptural accounts.

Yesterday Ginny and I got to renew our vows at a little chapel in Cana where tradition says Jesus performed his first miracle. It was a very nice moment and one I will never forget

This has been such a great trip. Not only have I been able to be here with Ginny and Kyle but I have also got to be in the Holy Land with a few of my colleagues who I have walked through the ordination process with.

We have been through a lot together both good and bad and now we all get to share in this experience together. In this land where Jesus brought a small group of people together to teach them and to show them the way, we also have been called together to once again be taught and to find our way to tell the story in our own context.

This has been a Holy time in a Holy Land.

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greg. said...

good words, larry. i feel the same way. we all really have been through quite the journey together, huh? and it's cool that it didn't end with ordination, but that was only one (really huge) step in the journey. i'm certainly glad to be on this journey with you.