Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is good

As a pastor, I spend a lot of time listening to and counseling people as they go through tough times in their life. I hear about various issues people have and how they struggle with questions like "where is God?". At every step along the way I try and tell people the same basic thing, wherever they find themselves, God is already there.

The last several months have not been the easiest for my family, yet through it all I realize that no matter how bad it may seem or how many questions that I may have it is okay. God is here and has been here. It may seem crazy but I think that all came together loud and clear the other night at the gym. I was there with Ginny, and we were trying to figure out the equipment at the gym. It was at this moment when I looked over at Gin and she had this great big smile on her face.

It seems like a silly thing but it wasn't for me. It was a great thing to see because every time that I see that smile and the sparkle in her eyes it helps me remember that no matter what I may be going through or whatever I may be struggling with that I am never going to be alone. God has blessed me with a partner, a "helpmate", as some translations of Genesis say.

my helpmate is a constant source of joy for me and also a continual reminder that God is with me and because of that I will never be alone...Life is good.

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