Friday, February 05, 2010

Nothing lives here?

For the last several days we have been guided around Israel by a Palestinian Christian man. He has showed us the places where the Biblical story took place. He has spent many hours with us making the bible come to life for me in new and exciting ways.

In addition to that he has also told us the struggle of his people. He has told us his view of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. He talk about the wars and occupation. He has pointed out to us the fence and the checkpoints that make life difficult at times for his people.

The picture above is me standing in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea for those who don't know is ten times saltier than an ocean and three times saltier than the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It is so salty that nothing lives in this sea.

Although as I look at the picture I just have to wonder....nothing lives? In a land where hope was truly born how can nothing really live? In a land where the savior came and showed us what real love truly can nothing live?

Yes the struggle remains for us to tell the story and to live the story each day. However, I for one can't accept the fact that there is anywhere in the world, especially here, where things can't live. Because I believe in Jesus, I believe in the life, teachings, death, and resurrection. Because of that faith, I know that hope always lives.

So perhaps for me the Dead Sea will be just a reminder that there are many people in the world that feel as if there is no chance....they are blocked by checkpoints and walls real or imagined. So I will continue to do what I can to work for hope and life...andnot make things like peace and justice just words but they way I try and live my life.

Because He lives.......hope lives...

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