Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Experiment - fails or maybe not

As is often my pattern, last Sunday during worship I came up with some inspiration. I was announcing that it would be children's Sunday. As I said that I decide that it would be a great idea to try something new.

I told the folks at church to bring their phones to church that we would be using Facebook and Twitter during Worship. It was simply an off handed comment to get the church thinking and to perhaps even make them a little uneasy.

My week went as the week typically does and before I knew it Saturday night was upon me. All the preparation for worship were long done and the sermon was ready to go. then I got a text message. The message was to let me know that someone in the church had signed up with Twitter and was "ready to go" for church.

So lots of last minute changes happened...messages...texts...emails....tweets...went out.....
I knew that I needed some help for this to work their needed to be some participation.

Well this morning we gave it a go...I had my cell phone in my hand as worship began and had someone manning my laptop to monitor facebook and twitter... I put a rough outline of the sermon up and away we went.....

75 minutes later worship was over....It all did not go anything like I had originally intended. I did not get as much participation as I wanted however what I got was great and helped tremendously.

I have lots of thinking and praying to do about what this will look like going forward. I know that this can't be a one off event. If I truly believe anything I talk about...the reaching the unchurched...the thinking outside the box...the necessity of making the church more open to youth and young adults them I know that I have to do something.

So perhaps this first attempt can be classified as a failure.....but it was a start....and I think the Spirit is leading me to explore it some keep on following I can't wait to see where we end up


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Sheila said...

hmmmmm i think one of the reasons this doesn't work even with those who understand the technology, is that we come to worship to listen. To take a break from that busyness, and stop and listen.

That said, my 17yod does text in church. I've come to view it as a high tech equivalent of passing notes. And who does she text? The choir boys! She texts a friend and her brother who are in the choir. And what do they talk about? the sermon! (whew!)