Sunday, June 27, 2010

I am having a baby - well not really

Today is a strange Sunday for me. I am ending my time as the pastor of the single charge of West Grove UMC - Neptune Twp. Thursday I begin as the Pastor of a two point charge West Grove and Memorial UMC - Neptune City.

As I sit in my office this morning preparing for worship I can't help but think of this transition as the birthing of a new child. I guess there are several ways that one can look at a two charge appointment, I choose the birth analogy.

On Thursday we will have two group of people (the parents) of two churches coming together to form something new (the baby). We don't know what this birth will look like or act like or grow into. All we can do is put all we have into it and pray that the Holy Spirit continues to lead us.

I view this as the chance to bring new ministry to a larger group of people in the surrounding areas...however just like with a baby potential is not everything.

Potential must be lived up to...and for this baby to live up to its potential it needs three things. It needs the people of West Grove to embrace the change that is coming and see the possibilities for exciting new ministry. We need the people of Neptune City to also embrace the change and see a chance for a reigniting. Finally we need to be led by and filled by the holy Spirit in all that we do.

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greg. said...

God bless you in this new journey, my friend. i will pray for you as often as i think of you. thanks for your friendship.