Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Your are Welcome....but

On July 1st, I start two new directions in my pastoral ministry. The first is that I will be adding a second church to my charge. However, it is the second on that I want to talk about.

I will be the co-chair for the Conference Youth and Young adult team with my focus on the young adult side of that occasion.

With that in mind I had the privilege of spending time with some of the young adult at Annual Conference. Spending time with them I was very impressed and very encouraged with the group of young adults that I got to spend time with. Rest assured my colleagues there is some great people that are being raised up to do the ministry of Jesus Christ.

However, I also think we have so much work to do. Time and time again I heard stories and opinions of young people feeling as if they were not being taken seriously or not being allowed to use their gifts and graces in the life of the church. They felt welcomed.....but.....

And the truth is it's a very big but(t)....they are being told sometimes that this is the way they must do things or this is the way they must worship or their opinion matters only in certain circumstances....

We need to change that....I am sitting in Borders this morning working on a sermon on fear based on 1 Kings 19...Elijah running away from Jezebel.

Are we afraid? Are we afraid of giving up control? Are we trying to force people to change to be like us to be accepted into "our church"

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I agree. In the same way that the denomination is asking us to rethink how we are the church and how we reach out to the next generation I think we also need to rethink how we attract and bring in people in the ministry. We have made our process so difficult, time and resources consuming that I think has made us less attractive verses more attractive to the youth and young adults. We need to make sure we have effective leaders, but I think there might be more effective ways of doing that. Not sure if I have the answers, but I do think we need to look at how we are rethinking church when it comes to the raising up of new and younger leaders.

revdon64 said...

Gotta agree Larry. It kind of gets under my skin when all we ever really hear from the youth/young adults at conference is when they're trotted out to read the scripture or perform in some way. They become the holy dog and pony show. I can't say I know the answer, but there's got to be a better way to get youth and young adults involved.