Friday, August 13, 2010

So when did this happen?

About 9 years or so ago I broke down and let my family talk me into welcoming a dog into our family. I was against it but figured it was something that everyone else really wanted so we got a little Lab puppy.

Lucy was a great dog it turned out and helped me get over m fear of dogs and really get to understand them a bit. Even then I knew that as soon as Lucy either moved out with one of the boys or she happened to die that we would no longer be a dog family.

Well something happened, I am not certain what, but something definitely happened. Sadly we had to put Lucy to sleep a few weeks ago she was just in too much pain with no real options. I thought that would be it. Well as I am sitting her this morning typing this I am not alone in the house. Kyle is home with me but lying right down next to me on her dog bed is the newest addition to our family....a 18 month old or so terrier mix named Marlow.

Not sure how and not sure when but I/we have become pet people. She seems to be a great dog full of energy and a bit stubborn but all in all a good dog. But good or bad she is now part of our family....who would have thunk it?!?!?

Me....a dog guy....