Friday, September 17, 2010

Checking our list and checking it twice

Ginny is going down to South Jersey tomorrow morning for a couple of days. So we went out tonight and grabbed some dinner and then went to PetSmart to pick up a crate for Marlowe. Now we are sitting around setting our lineups for Fantasy Football. We are both in two leagues and just happen to be playing each other in both of them.

Sure dinner at Perkins, then shopping at PetSmart, and setting Fantasy Football lineups is not what some people would call
an exciting Friday night. But tonight, for us, it works!

I find myself in a relationship that seems to get better each day. We fill in the empty spots in each other and we are comfortable with each other doing the simplest of things. God did another great thing when we were brought together.

So the night is winding down and while I love Ginny very fantasy football lineups are set and she us going down!

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