Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Temporary

Today at 1 pm I will be settled into my seat the beverage of my choice in my hand and I will be ready for football, Eagles football to be precise.

Another season is upon us and its time to get out the team colors and root for the home team. Yet as I start this season I know in many ways the team uniform is the only thing that may be the same (and even that has changed).

I won't be rooting for Donovan, BDawk or BWest. They are gone replace by others. The players are only temporary yet the team remains. I can choose to try and live in the past with the team or move on and root for who I have on the team this year.

Today as I step up to preach that will be my message as well. It's only temporary. The car I have been longing for, the bigger house, the pay raise, the new clothes, it all goes away. The only thing that will remain is us...we are the only thing eternal. This is what we as Christians believe. We may view the eternal differently but in the end we share the thought that it is people not things that go on.

So why do we try so hard to get more stuff. In the end it all goes back in the box. In the end it all turns to dust. How about today we make a pact, let's start treating each other like we are priceless. Let's start treating each other like we are golden...

Because we are.

And by the way.

Go Birds!

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