Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Time....

I got up earlier than normal for a Sunday morning and headed off to church. I was working on some of the visuals for my sermon as we get set to start another sermon series this morning.

Now as I find myself pretty much prepared I popped over to Twitter and was given that final nudge by my good and very talented friend
that another football season was upon us.

I have been doing my best to keep my focus upon the important things in life....God, Family, Friends ....but those three have company.

It's time for Football! I love Baseball and I love the Phillies but there is something about opening Day(not counting the thursday night game) that really gets my heart racing. I am so excited about this sermon series I am getting ready to start and it ties in so nicely with this time of year.

Are you ready....ahhhh you know the rest. Go Eagles!

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greg. said...

hahaha! thanks for the shout-out! miss you all in nj, and continue to keep you in my prayers. have a great time in worshiping God this morning, and a great day of football later. peace.