Monday, September 27, 2010

A Piece of the Puzzle

Tonight the Phillies clinched the N.L East....again. Tonight Jayson Werth got a huge hit...again. I guess there are lots of names I could have used. Roy Halliday pitched a strong game...again. Carlo Ruiz played a good game...again.

The names go on and on and that to me is the point. It is why I love sports so much, especially baseball and football. It is not about one person it is about the team and each player and/or coach doing their part at the moment it is needed.
puzzle_20pieces_20resized.jpgI didn't get to see the game tonight as I am at a training event. I am one of several pastors here, I am simply part of the team. We are sharing together and learning together and striving together. Tonight we are just a piece of the puzzle. I like that though. I am a piece of a puzzle that God is putting together. God is doing great things and all I want to do is be a part of it. A bit player in God' puzzle. I want to do what God has called me to do and be exactly who I need to be for the people God has called me to minister to. Just as Jayson Werth did exactly what the Phillies needed tonight. Exactly what he was called upon to do.

So I guess the question is where do I fit in?

I need to find the place God is leading me to. I need to find my spot in the lineup (sorry I can't drop the baseball thing just yet).
God is calling me of this there is no doubt. I need to listen again to that still small voice.

So maybe the question is not where do I fit in but instead where does God want me?

I am listening

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