Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Time Away

It has been a great few days away with Ginny. We got to just relax and enjoy each others company, along with the company of some good friends.

In addition it has given me time to take a step back from church and clear my head. So much has been happening week after week this summer it has seemed non-stop at times. It seems as if when I look at the calendar it won't be slowing up for awhile more. So this time away has been just what the doctor ordered.

Comedy clubs, restaurants, pools, hot tubs, playing cards these are the things that have helped clear my head. Perhaps the most important thing was just time with Ginny. It enabled me to refocus in on those things that are most important.

As we pack up and head to South Seaville for the night I am looking forward to the weeks to come. They will be busy but I know the Spirit is moving in the two churches and I think great things for our community are right on the Horizon. I can't wait!

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