Thursday, September 16, 2010

When I am King of The World

Sometimes when you go through your day you notice certain things. You see some injustices ot some things that really upset you. Perhaps you wish there were some way to change those things or "make it right". It could be the biggest things or the littles things...well when that happens to me I often wonder what it would be like to be The King of the World.

Well If I was King of the World:

The media and the politicians would no longer be able to use labels to describe people.

We would no longer have to hear words like tea party or progressive or left wing or right wing. It would force people to discuss issues instead of labels
The church would be more known for our commitment to free the imprisoned, healing
the sick, helping the poor and proclaiming the Gospel than we would be known
for fighting and excluding and judging.

No explanation needed is there?

People would spend more time listening than they do talking

How can we learn if the only voice we ever hear is our own?

Parents would make decisions about life understanding the impact it has on their children

You are a parent now, grow up and realize what you are doing!

Andy Reid would use a little of that creativity he has and bring it to the 4th and 1 calls
Sorry still bitter about that game on Sunday

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