Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Open up!

A friend of mine wrote this...

You need to read it

JESUS WAS HOMELESSby Matthew Works(c.)1999
Jesus was homeless,and so were Peter and Paul.
How can the churches, then, lock their doors on the least among us all ? What you do to the least of His brothers-and-sisters you do to the Son of God;
and, should one of these least ones freeze to death,it's because your heart has grown hard.

If Store 24 can be open for twenty-four hours a day,then how can the Body of Christ on Earth turn any body away ?

In truth, there are no excusesfor the poor to be treated this way.
If only the churches would open their doors homelessness could be ended today.
God wants us to respond with compassion to the plight of the homeless and poor.
So, come on, all you bishops, and all of you priests,first your hearts, and,
then, open those doors !

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